Frequently Asked Questions:
Upcoming changes to ODIN PASS

You can read more about the Gold Coast MaaS trial here.

All subscriptions purchased during the existing research trial will be honoured in full. As long as passes are available for sale in the app, you will receive the full benefit included if you choose to purchase a pass.

The Queensland Government recently announced it will be launching a 50 cent public transport fare trial for six months, starting on the 5th of August, 2024.

In recognition that some ODIN PASS bundles purchased in July, 2024, will remain active during the start of the 50 cent fare trial, we have designed a weekly reduction in our pricing which will transition users from our current pricing to the new pricing in a fair way.

The price of our 30-day passes will be reduced each week, in recognition that each week that passes in July, is an extra week that pass will be active in August during the 50 cent fare trial.

We have designed the transition pricing in a way that aligns with go card pricing during the same 30-day period. This is because ODIN PASS has to pay Translink the equivalent go card cost for all public transport trips booked by ODIN PASS users.

Note that our new research trial will also start from the 5th of August, 2024, and that all passes purchased before the 8th of July, 2024, will expire before the start of the 50 cent fare trial.

We have updated our End User Licence Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Policy as part of the transition to this new research trial. This includes expanding our ability to share usage data for research purposes to participating university research teams and other research partners, as outlined in our Approved Customer Cohort and Third Party Research Partner Index.

Further information about these changes can be found here, and our updated EULA will be displayed in the app from early July, 2024.

Due to the nature of how our program works, we are reliant on partner organisations to help fund our operations. The availability of our subscriptions to specific user groups is currently dependent on this support.

Some partners may elect to provide more financial support to increase the benefit delivered to staff, students, members, etc. This means that specific offers are tailored to each user group. The cost of your subscription therefore will depend on your user group.

We will be updating our website to account for different user groups having access to different pricing offers.

Please note that, as with the original research trial, ODIN PASS pricing is expected to change throughout this new research trial. We continue to maintain our aim to operate as close to breakeven as possible and reinvest profit back into driving down the cost of our offers – wherever possible, as well as expanding our offers.

We aim to make this transition to the new research trial as simple and seamless as possible. If you are already signed up as an ODIN PASS user and wish to participate in the new trial, there is nothing further you need to do at this stage.

From early July an app update will be pushed to users. This will require the acceptance of our new End User License Agreement (EULA) and will include our new pricing offers tailored for UQ students and staff, as well as other new user groups we plan to soon welcome to the platform.

As an existing ODIN PASS user, you are not obliged to continue participating as part of the new research trial.

No further data will be collected and analysed if you choose not to use our app and/or not purchase a new subscription from ODIN PASS when the new research trial launches in early August.

You are welcome to remain enrolled as an ODIN PASS user for as long as you remain eligible i.e. are a student or staff member at UQ, and can opt-in to the new research trial at any time by downloading the latest version of our app, agreeing to our updated End User License Agreement (EULA) and Privacy Policy, and purchasing a new subscription as part of the new research trial.

Our program is centred around partnerships. Partnerships with willing participants who want to gain access to a new form of multi-modal transport pricing. Partnerships with transport providers that wish to actively support more Australians in gaining access to public, shared and active transport options. And finally, partnerships with organisations that want their staff, students and/or members to gain access to more affordable, equitable transport offers.

We rely on several income streams to run our business, including support from organisations that want their staff, students, members to gain access to our platform. Without that support, it is incredibly challenging for us to expand our operations successfully.

We look forward to working with more partners to expand our offers, and finding a way that eventually all Australians can access affordable, equitable multi-modal transport subscriptions.

As with our existing research trial, we intend to continue to expand our user base up to set caps. These caps help to ensure we are efficiently managing our budget, and can provide the best offers possible to our customers.

As long as we continue to have capacity under our user cap, we will continue to onboard new users. As has occurred on a few occasions over the past few years, when we reach a point at which we need to pause our on-boarding of new users due to hitting our user cap, we will post a notice on our website.

New applications to join will continue to be accepted and placed in a queue for on-boarding once we either fall below our user cap, or secure support to enable the user cap to be increased.

From time to time we may also pause the sale of new passes in our app for existing users. Users will be notified when this occurs.

As always, we continue to work with our technology partner to Skedgo to ensure our app improves over time – both in terms of usability and convenience.

We have learnt a lot from the original UQ MaaS research trial, and aim to continue improving the app and overall platform, based on your feedback. We welcome that feedback to continue as we transition to this new trial.

We will be exploring introducing new features and/or modes during the new research trial, and will share these new features in advance when they are ready to launch.

We aim to continue working with the same excellent transport partners that have supported the original research trial – as far as possible.

In some cases, transport operators may no longer be able to participate, and where this is the case, we will do our best to include alternatives.

We also aim to introduce new providers during this new research trial and will have more to share about these providers in the future.

We look forward to welcoming Griffith University students to the program from the 5th of August, 2024. We will share more information on our website in July about the process for joining ODIN PASS.

At this stage, funding has not been committed to expand the program to include Griffith staff. We continue to explore opportunities to expand our offerings to more users, specifically via organisation partnerships that help to co-fund the program.

While QUT is a research partner of this new MaaS trial, at this stage funding has not been committed to expand the program to include QUT students or staff. We continue to explore opportunities to expand our offerings to more users, specifically via organisation partnerships that help to co-fund the program.