What's included

  • Access to a multi-modal journey planner with real-time information and updates

  • Purchase unlimited public transport, e-scooter and e-bike passes^

  • Available on iOS and Android

  • One-time fee for 7 to 90 days access* with no lock-in contracts

  • No go card required**

^A fair use policy applies to overall monthly spend. Unlimited e-scooter and e-bike trips up to 90 minutes per day, after which surcharges apply. As a research project with limited funds we do not offer change of mind refunds.

 *The pass expires at midnight, 7 to 90 days after purchase (depending on bundle availability). Day 1 occurs on the day of purchase. Please ensure all your transport accounts use the same UQ email address before purchase.

**We recommend you still carry your go card as a backup option for emergency situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join ODIN PASS?

ODIN PASS is being run as a research project. We hope the findings of this MaaS program will help to inform the rollout of these kinds of schemes more broadly across Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and the world! 

Although we continue to explore opportunities to expand our program, there are currently a limited number of user groups eligible to join this trial. You can find out which groups are eligible here.

You are also required to be at least 18 years of age to participate in this trial, as outlined in our End User Licence Agreement.

If you are not currently eligible to join the program, please stay tuned for more exciting news on MaaS in the near future!

Where can I find out more about the Gold Coast trial?

You can read more about our Gold Coast trial here, as well as our other research trials here.

I have applied to join, but not received a welcome email - how long should I wait?

Generally, we aim to on-board new users within two weeks (excluding short-term events like Brisbane Open House).

During the initial stages of the new Gold Coast trial, the onboarding process may take longer as we approach user caps designed to give us enough time to analyse usage data, and understand what the sustainable pricing levels are.

You will receive an automated response to your application with the details of your application. If you do not receive an email it is likely there was a typo in your application – please re-apply.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: support@odinpass.com.au

Does ODIN PASS offer discounts to students?

Yes! In fact, one of our main motivations in launching this MaaS program has been to explore a fairer form of transport pricing for students and other user groups. We don’t think it’s fair that those who cannot afford to live close to where they work or study must pay higher transport costs.

You can read more about our current offers as part on our signup page.

I've downloaded the ODIN PASS app but how do I sign in and buy a monthly pass?

The ODIN PASS is available to download for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

As this MaaS program is being run as part of a research project, you must apply to join the program in order to create an account and be able to purchase a pass.

Please click here to fill out our short application form. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at: support@odinpass.com.au

Translink’s go card ticketing system does not currently support the use of other devices, such as phones, for tapping on/off. While it is planned for this capability to be available in the future, it is unlikely to be rolled out during this MaaS trial.

As a consequence, we have worked together with Translink to develop a digital flash pass exclusively for ODIN PASS as an alternative to the go card ticketing system.

This digital ticket is what enables ODIN PASS to offer unlimited public transport as it is tied to an individual user, which we are unable to do via the current go card system. This digital ticket mimics a traditional paper ticket.

While this digital ticket must be booked through the app, there is no need to do anything when you get off the bus. This means no more forgetting to tap off and getting charged for travel you don’t make!

You can read more on the official ticketing advice issued by Translink here.

If you have any suggestions of how the digital ticket could be improved, please send us your thoughts at: support@odinpass.com.au

I bought a plan on ODIN PASS at 11:00 pm, when does the 30 day period begin?

The day on which you purchased your pass counts as Day 1, no matter the time on that date. This is a similar concept to if you were to buy a streaming / music subscription, theme park pass, etc.

Am I locked into a contract? Will my pass automatically-renew?

In the ODIN PASS app we do not automatically renew your existing pass and you are not locked into any contract. This means you need to manually purchase each pass.

While in the future we may enable an auto-renew feature, this manual purchase approach has been adopted, as pricing may change over time, as part of the research trial. You will never be charged a different price for a plan, unless you manually purchase it yourself.

Through the app we do allow users to purchase their next pass, while their current pass is active. You can either choose to renew your current pass at the same price, or choose to purchase another pass that is on offer. This second pass will automatically be activated when your current pass expires.

What is your change of mind policy?

As this project is being run as a research trial, we have a limited budget.

We incur a transaction fee for every purchase, and it is not possible for us to cover this cost out of budget.

We do not provide refunds for users that change their mind after purchasing a plan.

In certain circumstances we may provide pro-rata credit points to your account in extenuating circumstances e.g. under a government-mandated COVID isolation order, or if our app experiences a critical error. In these circumstances users will need to provide evidence to support their claim e.g. medical certificate, video of app error, etc.

Can I buy my next plan before my current plan expires?

Yes, in addition to your current plan, you can purchase one additional plan which will show in your account as ‘upcoming’ and automatically start after your current plan expires. This is possible up to 6 days before your current pass expires (excluding promotional passes that are single-purchase only).

If you change your mind, we can process a refund, less transaction fees (3.0% of the purchase price).

Will the ODIN PASS app work perfectly?

We are continuously working on improving the app experience for ODIN PASS users.

The ODIN PASS app has been developed in partnership with Australian-based app developer Skedgo as a while label version of their publicly available TripGo app.

Working together with Skedgo, we try to identify and rectify any bugs in the app as soon as possible. That said, this is first and foremost a research project, so you can expect from time to time there may be small issues.

Developing an app that integrates multiple modes, and provides journey planning using multiple modes, is an incredibly tough task. Research and development is ongoing internationally to continue to improve the efficiency and accuracy of this process.

This research project will help to improve these kinds of apps going forward, but we kindly ask that you bear with us as we encounter different challenges throughout the MaaS program.

In all instances where you are experiencing problems, please contact us at support@odinpass.com.au and we will do our best to quickly resolve the issue.

Is ODIN PASS being run to make a profit?

While ODIN PASS has been setup as a commercial entity, any surplus revenue generated through the program is reinvested straight back into the program to reduce prices for everyone and/or support the introduction of new transport modes and offers.

ODIN PASS is being run on a commercial basis as one of the primary research questions of the MaaS research project is to understand whether a sustainable business model exists for this new form of transport pricing.

How can I find out more about ODIN PASS?

Read about our current research trials here, or please contact us at: support@odinpass.com.au

Who is funding this Mobility as a Service program?

This program is being funded by a number of research projects, primarily iMOVE Australia projects. You can find out more about these research projects here.

How much does it cost to join ODIN PASS?

It is free to join ODIN PASS and use the basic journey planner functions.

We offer a range of different bundles, with our latest offers shown on our signup form.

I'm having some problems using ODIN PASS, who should I contact?

We’re sorry to hear this. Please bear with us as we are conducting a research project so there may be occasional hiccups.


Please get in contact with our Customer Support team at support@odinpass.com.au and we will try to resolve the issue ASAP!

Is it really unlimited? What's your fair use policy?

ODIN PASS is trialling a brand new concept of moving away from PAYG pricing for transport, and testing how unlimited subscriptions can work.

ODIN PASS has to pay all transport providers for the cost of transport services used by its members. As a result, if the cost of booked transport by our members exceeds the subscription payments collected, we must subsidise the difference out of our own budget.

Since ODIN PASS is being run as a research trial we have a limited budget for filling this gap. From time to time, this may mean we need to pause the accounts of high-spending users until we adjust pricing, and/or have more data to welcome those members back into the program.

If your account is scheduled to be paused, you will be contacted in advance. You will also have access to your pass for the remainder of your active subscription.

As a general rule, your usage would need to be at least double the average spend. As far as possible we are trying our best to avoid pausing accounts. In some cases, however, it is unavoidable and the only option that will allow us to avoid needing to end the trial early.

Thanks for your understanding, and if you have any questions, please contact us at: support@odinpass.com.au

Upcoming price changes for UQ users

In line with the recent announcement of Queensland Government’s 50-cent public transport fare trial, we will are revising the pricing of our passes. To account for this significant reduction in fares, we are phasing in the new pricing over the course of July, 2024, according to the following schedule:

Week Starting Week Ending Student PT 7 Student PT 30 Student PT+N 7 Student PT+B 30 Staff PT 7 Staff PT 30 Staff PT+N 7 Staff PT+B 30
8 July
14 July
15 July
21 July
Phased out
Phased out
22 July
28 July
29 July
4 August
5 August onwards

The pricing above accounts for Queensland Government’s 50 cent public transport fare trial starting on the 5th of August, 2024, and that 30-day ODIN PASS bundles purchased from the 8th of July, 2024, will be active for the start of the 50 cent trial in August. 

Similar to the research trial we have run at UQ over the past three years, we will review our pricing on a regular basis and announce any future price changes in advance. The new Gold Coast trial will be subject to similar user caps where we may need to pause the on-boarding of new users and/or the sale of new passes, to ensure our program remains on budget while we collect and analyse data under this new pricing structure.

For UQ students and staff participating in the current research trial, you can find out more about what the transition to this new trial means for you at our FAQs page: www.odinpass.com.au/faqs. If you have any questions, please contact us at: support@odinpass.com.au